Michael David Lynch


Growing up in Ann Arbor Michigan, Michael found his love for cinema as a projectionist, getting an inside peek at all that cinema had to offer. He followed this passion to Chicago IL, where he studied film at Columbia College Chicago. It was here that he conceived the idea for Burden, a massive science fiction film of epic proportions that would give any big Hollywood blockbuster a run for it’s money. After graduating, Mike headed for Los Angeles, where he hit the ground running, working on huge Hollywood movies such as “Inception” “Die Hard 4”  “Ironman 2” and “Transformers 2”. Ever determined to leave his own mark on the medium, he went on to produce several successful films including: “Drop” “Between Us” and “This Thing with Sarah.” Today, he makes his long awaited feature film directorial debut with two incredible projects: “Dependent’s Day” and “Victor Walk.” Two very different films that cover very different territory, showing the versatility and heart of a talented director who is sure keep telling stories. He has had the privilege of collaborating with tons of amazing actors on Dependent's Day his debut feature narrative film where he served as Director, Writer, Producer, Cinematographer and editor. Dependent's Day won the Audience Award Narrative Feature Comedy at the Cinequest film festival on March 12th 2016 and Best Actress at the Hill Country Film Festival April 29th 2016, Best Comedy at South Dakota Film Festival in September of 2016. Victor Walk is a passion project for Director Lynch, having grown up looking up to Theo Fleury and having a chance to shed some light on a topic that too often goes over looked or swept under the rug. Victor Walk won best documentary at the Dances with Film Festival in June of 2016.


Theo Fleury

executive producer/narrator/song writer

Former NHL All-Star, Stanley Cup winner and Olympic Gold Medalist Two time best selling author of Playing with Fire & Conversations with a Rattlesnake Healing motivator Person of great life experience Knowledge in the field of relational trauma.

Theo’s mission statement is to help as many people get to where they want to go has taken shape in many forms, whether meeting people for a brief moment on the street or as a dynamic inspirational speaker with the intention of creating healing through conversation. He loves people, their stories and their journeys. He is committed to daily transformation through personal growth through self-reflection, mindfulness and new action. His compassionate spirit allows others to feel safe and whole through experiencing his vulnerability.

Theo has been awarded the Canadian Humanitarian Award, The Queen’s Jubilee Medallion, he is an Honorary Chief and recipient of the Aboriginal Indspire Award. In 2014 Theo was awarded with an honorary doctorate in Science from University of Guelph-Humber for outstanding contributions to the Mental Health of Canadians. Most recently Theo was bestowed with a second honorary doctorate in Laws from Brandon University in recognition for his contributions combating child sexual abuse and for his outstanding efforts to promote healing and recovery.  Theo pursues excellence in all areas of his life.

With the Victor Walk Documentary it was the perfect outlet to continue to raise awareness and keep the conversation going. In the documentary not only does it share Theo's story, but it also shares some of the music Theo created with his band and he narrates his story. Theo Fleury recently received the Humanitarian Award from the Whistler Film Festival December of 2016.


Paul Matthew Gordon


Quoting Ghostbusters at age 5 and reciting Pulp Fiction at age 12, Washington D.C. native Paul Matthew Gordon was a film buff from birth. Following his graduation from the film production program at The University of Colorado at Boulder, he headed west to chase his dreams in Los Angeles. After establishing himself as an editor on several hit television shows, Paul teamed up with talented Director Michael David Lynch to produce his first two features; the award winning Dependent's Day and the documentary Victor Walk. This experience was invaluable and helped launch his career in film. Now working with some of the biggest names in independent cinema as both a producer and an editor, it was a big moment for him to go on stage when Victor Walk won best documentary at Dances with Films in Hollywood.


Kristine Lynch

executive producer

Kristine Lynch a Michigan native now living in Los Angeles California working for the fashion designer Chan Luu. When she's not working in the world of fashion she's able to collaborate on film projects. The true behind the scenes worker. Krissie brings the business mindset and a great ear for music to every We Push Trains project she's apart of.


Ramin Kousha


Ramin Kousha is an Iranian-American film composer who has scored over 30 feature and short films. At age 7 he started taking piano lessons and learning classicalmusic. Shortly after learning music theory and performing piano in various orchestras inIran, Ramin realized his passion for composing. This eventually led him to study andwork for the well-known Iranian classical composer Ahmad Pejman. At the age of 18 hedecided to move to the United States in order to pursue his dream of film scoring andreceived a Bachelor‘s degree in music composition from California State University,Northridge. He also studied privately under well-known composers such as Ian Krouseand Bruce Broughton. Previous projects include; “Abstraction” directed by Prince Bagdasarian starring Eric Roberts, KenDavitian and Korrina Rico, the thriller "A Day Like A Week" directed by Kader Aydstarring Armand Assante and Tom Sizemore, and Syfy channel movie "Sharknado" wasdirected by Anthony C. Ferrante, starring Tara Reid and Ian Ziering.In addition to working with Hollywood directors, he has also worked with various filmmaker’s in Iran. “Charsoo” (official selection to Torino FilmFestival) was directed by Farhad Najafi and starring Mohammad Reza Foroutan andNiusha zeyghami. His last project the documentary “Victor Walk” directed by Michael David Lynch.

Nick Donnelly

Add'l Composer

Nick Donnelly worked as an add'l Composer on Victor Walk and as a composer on Dependent's Day, both Directed by Michael David Lynch. Nick also composed the 2nd half of the music in the Victor Walk Trailer, that was later recorded with live string instruments.

Chris Thoman

Add'l Composer

Chris Thoman worked as Add'l Composer on Victor Walk and as a composer on Dependent's Day, both Directed by Michael David Lynch.

Patrick McCallion

song writer and Guitar 

Patrick "Paddy" McCallion

The Death Valley Rebels 

Songs "Road To Misery"

Phil Deschambault

song writer

Phil Deschambault

Songs "Rattlesnake" , "Playing with Fire"

Mike Plume

song writer

Mike Plume

The Death Valley Rebels

Song "Road to Misery"

Ryan Urban

Titles Producer

Ryan Urban and his company handled the main titles, lower 3rds and maps for Victor Walk, helping the overall branding of the film. Ryan went to film school at Columbia College Chicago where he and Director Michael David Lynch met for the first time. Ryan also contributed to the main titles on Lynch's first short film Burden. Ryan is mainly known for his VFX work on big TV/films like "Tree of LIfe", "Jupiter Ascending","Sense8","Ant-Man", "The Pretty One" and so forth.

Brad Stark

Titles Animator

Brad Stark and Director by Michael David Lynch met back in Michigan working as projectionists at a movie theater. Brad moved away first to Chicago to attend Columbia College Chicago and Lynch followed a year later. Since then Brad has stayed in Chicago and continues to work on both features/TV and commercials.

C.J. Cook

Lead Titles Designer